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Company Profile of Le Tigre Electrical.

The Company:

Vivarox  Electrical previously known as D.L. Electrical Upgrade started operating in August 2003 and from small domestic jobs we have really expanded and attend to industrial, corporate and domestic market.

We currently have two vehicles that transport labour and materials to sites where we are contracted to work.  The entire staff compliment totals 8 people. We are totally equipped with the correct tools and test equipment as well as the necessary skill, knowledge and experience to conduct our service to our client’s. We are capable of expanding our workforce in accordance with the work load and the client’s needs.

Le Tigre Electrical is registered with the Electrical Contractors Board as well as the Electrical Contractors Association.

Le Tigre Electrical is a registered cc of which Duncan MacDonald is the sole member. 

The Proprietor:

Duncan MacDonald is registered and qualified as a Master Installation Electrician with the Department of Labour.


  • National Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Qualified as an Electrician from Olifantsfontein
  • Installation rules SANS 10142 (SABS 0142)
  • Master Installation rules SANS 10086-1, SANS10086-2, SANS 10086-3,     SANS 10089-2, SANS 10108, SANS 10123, SANS 60079-0, SANS 60079-10-1,   SANS 60079-10-2,SANS 60079-17, SANS 61241-4, ARP 0108.